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Michel Alibo: Djou Djou

Our friend Joachim Mahoudeaux sent us this video, saying:

“France has been lucky in the 90’s to see emerging huge bass players from world jazz/fusion music, as Linley Marthe (brought from Mauritius to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris by François Jeanneau), Richard Bona or Etienne M’Bappé with UltraMarine combining Afro/Latin/Caribbean musis with Asian influence from the guitarist N’guyen Lê.”

“And there is Michel Alibo from the band Sixun, you know the drummer of course Paco Sery (Joe Zawinul), but you should really see Michel Alibo’s playing on Sixun tunes, combining that 16th funk groove with African and Caribbean style, funky slap and all that jazz.”

Here’s one of the videos Joachim shared, featuring Alibo playing along to the Sixun tune “Djou Djou”. The tune appeared on the band’s 2007 release, Nomads’ Land. Just remarkable – including those harmonics!

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