Jose Castillo: “The Sinister Minister” Bass Cover

Alun Vaughan shared this video with us featuring bassist Jose Castillo performing his take on the Bela Fleck & The Flecktones tune “The Sinister Minister”.

Jose is covering more than just the bass, as you’ll soon see. Wow!

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  1. time for Vic to go back to the woodshed… great job Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is some redonklious co-ordination right there!

  3. 20mm spacing on the broadneck must be nice. Great video.

  4. I love this- someone doing covers more creatively! Amazing job, and still true to the original. No rehashing here!

  5. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t sure about the arrangement at the start, but by the end was loving it. Well done! :-D

  6. how does he do the Synth parts ? predone ahead of time ?? very nice job either way