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Victor Wooten’s End of Camp Concert: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

If you’ve ever had the chance to meet Victor Wooten in person, you know that he’s much more than just a phenomenal musician.

On Victor’s Words and Tones/Sword and Stone tour last summer, I got the the chance to introduce my daughters to him. He invited us to hang out on the tour bus for what ended up being an unexpected hour-plus music and life lesson.

And those are the other significant parts of Victor Wooten to me: extremely generous, and a tremendous teacher.

So it was a thrill to see Victor’s new videos from his latest camp which just wrapped up. This was filmed during the end of camp concert, following the “Three Week Camp”.

The students are all on stage with Vic, performing “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” Vic gets everyone involved, regardless of skill level, to do their thing.

This is the good stuff.

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