The Who Featuring Pino Palladino: My Generation

It’s pretty telling when the top comment on a video by one of the world’s greatest rock bands is “Thumbs up if you? are here only to see Pino playing.”

Here’s the one and only Pino Palladino rocking out with The Who on Later… With Jools Holland back in 2007. The bassist lays out some gnarly breaks with an octaver, not to mention the perfect groove that he’s known for.

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  1. Nice but sorry, NOT Entwhistle .

  2. Although Pino is BY FAR my favorite Bass player, I’ve never thought he was the right fit for the Who. He is so tonally and technically different than Entwhistle. Although I love all of his playing, the flatwound thing doesn’t work with the Who. Just my opinion.

  3. Nice version! Although Pino is no Entwhistle… he’s Palladino!

  4. Very nice, thanks to whoever posted this. Palladino might not have been the most perfect fit, but even Entwhistle would’ve loved the descending figure at 2:05. Starkey does a fine job on the drums too.

  5. yea round wounds and a pick, as is.. they sound ready for Vegas.