Tony Levin, Marco Minneman and Jordan Rudess Release New Album

Tony Levin, Marco Minneman and Jordan Rudess

King Crimson’s Tony Levin, the Aristocrats’ Marco Minneman and Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess teamed up to make a prog rock album of epic proportions, appropriately entitled Levin Minnemann Rudess. The project started with producer Scott Schorr and Levin, who provides bass, Chapman Stick, and cello to the effort.

Levin Minneman Rudess“The producer of the album, Scott Schorr, was looking to do a trio album with me [and] I was looking for some great players,” Levin explained. “Whenever you put together a project like this, even though you’ve played the guys individually but not together as a trio, there’s an element of taking a deep breath and jumping into the deep end of the pool – you don’t know what’s going to happen. I started with a few ideas that I had and sent them to Marco, and it went from there.”

The 14-track album is filled with “cage-rattling” tunes with input from all three members. Besides his other-worldly drumming, Minneman lays down some mean guitar while Rudess offers up tons of texture with various keyboards and synths. Check out the video for the track “Scrod”:

Levin Minneman Rudess is available in standard CD edition and digital formats. The Deluxe Edition includes the standard CD and a bonus DVD with interviews, footage of Tony and Jordan jamming in the studio, early home demos by Minneman, and more. For info on the Deluxe and other editions, visit the Levin Minneman Rudess website.

Levin Minneman Rudess Track List:

  1. Marcopolis
  2. Twitch
  3. Frumious Banderfunk
  4. The Blizzard
  5. Mew
  6. Afa Vulu
  7. Descent
  8. Scrod
  9. Orbiter
  10. Enter the Core
  11. Ignorant Elephant
  12. Lakeshore Lights
  13. Dancing Feet
  14. Service Engine

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