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Aaron Germain Releases “Chance”

Aaron Germain: ChanceSan Francisco-based bassist Aaron Germain has released Chance, a jazz album with influences from all over the world. Germain enlisted musicians from San Francisco and France to create songs ranging from Senegalese Mbalax to Vietnamese traditional folk.

While each song’s style varies, the album is balanced between electric and acoustic compositions. Germain lays down the low end on his upright and switches to a 6-string electric for the more upbeat tunes.

Chance is out now on CD and digital format.

Chance Track List:

  1. Antes de Ir
  2. Ginger Skin
  3. Bunk Bread
  4. Chikurin
  5. Nhung Bac Thang
  6. Already Not Yet
  7. Ringo Oiwake Intro
  8. Ringo Oiwake

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