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Reader Spotlight: Marek Bero

Marek Bero

Meet Marek Bero, a bassist living in London and pursuing the dream. We loved Marek’s story, but even more, we loved the way he tells it. Marek is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of October 28, 2013.


I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic and two years ago I moved to London, UK. Man, I tell you, it was a difficult decision, and sometimes I missed my glory days in Czech (I was quite well known there as a bass player and had loads of gigs).

But enough of my sissiness. I was auditionig for Machine Head (didn’t make it), and playing with my prog-punk band, Derek Trotson. We’ve released our first album, Threads. So good times ahead.


London, UK

Day gig:


Years experience:

Good day: 18 years, bad day: total beginner

Bands & Gigs:

Oh yes, I am gigging a lot. But it’s like a rollercoaster: one month you have a full schedule, playing two gigs a day, and next month, you’re looking at blank pages in your diary.

My main gig is with my band Derek Trotson, and apart from that, I am playing sessions and teaching.


  • Yamaha BB2025X
  • Yamaha TRB1005
  • Vivian Glim I. and II.
  • Fernandes Gravity 5
  • Mesa/Boogie M6 Carbine
  • Mesa/Boogie Powerhouse 1×15 and 2×10
  • MXR M-80 DI
  • Taurus Zebu
  • Planet Waves Cables
  • Daddario strings

Why I play the bass:

When I was in high school, my mates were all guitar players. So I picked up the bass, learned how to play “Smoke on a Water” (but I didn’t play the original bass line – I tried to copy the main riff and always missed the blue note), and I was in the band.

Our band rehearsals usually ended up being a big mess, and I found myself too often trying to play lead, instead of letting one of the guitarists do it. Later on, I started really play bass and had some proper music education.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

My aim was always to be the best bass player for the band. I love the feeling when you meet new mates in rehearsal, play that first song, and they start to smile. I know that with my playing the band will sound thicker, tighter and more focused. And I forgot about humbleness. I am really humble guy…

My influences

For years, I was just Rob Trujillo clone. I even had the same moves on stage. I still respect him, but I moved to my own style. I love and highly respect all the bass heroes from James Jamerson to Victor Wooten or Hadrien Feraud, but I try not listen to them too much and work more on my own music. Having a great example in front of you is sometimes very challenging for your creativity.

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