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Greg Lake Keeps Adding to Autobiography

Greg Lake: Songs of a LiftetimeAs a former bassist of both King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Greg Lake has plenty stories to tell. So many, in fact, that it’s been hindering the release of his long-awaited autobiography, Lucky Man, which derives its title from a song Lake wrote for ELP’s debut album.

“I’ve been writing it for some years now,” he told Sean Meisner of CoveFM. “I keep meaning to bring it out, but every time I get close to it, somebody comes up and says: ‘Greg, do you remember the story about this and that? If you included that in the book –’ And I think: ‘Oh, God, I’d forgotten that.’ And I go and I put it in, you know? I keep going back to it, and adding things. I suppose it’s this fear of just not wanting to leave something out which was important.”

Originally set for a 2012 release, Lucky Man currently has no set publishing date. While the book has been on hold, Lake has been traveling the world for his “Songs of a Lifetime” tour. The one-man show has him singing and playing songs that influenced him as well important tracks from his career. He also shares short stories and personal insight for each song.