Bass of the Week: Grove Guitars FHP Bull Moose 5

Grove Guitars FHP Bull Moose 5 - body

Grove Guitars does something really cool for their bass tops. Instead of an exotic hardwood, the company will sometimes use old crate tops to “provide a genuine vintage feel without the faux finish.” A good example is our bass of the week, the FHP Bull Moose 5.

Described as a super spec’ed MM bass, the Bull Moose 5 is built with a chambered black walnut body topped by a Moosehead Beer crate complete with the dovetail joints and all. Its then fitted with a Status graphite neck, Hipshot hardware, and a Nordstrand MM pickup.

The John East preamp is souped up with a “gig-saver” switch to switch to passive in case of battery failure.

Finally, the bass is completed with a set of Thomastik-Infeld flatwound strings.

Grove Guitars FHP Bull Moose 5 Photos:

For more, check out Grove Guitars’ website.

Grove Guitars FHP Bull Moose 5 Details:

  • Body: Black Walnut
  • Top: Moosehead Beer Crate
  • Neck: Status Graphite
  • Pickup: Nordstrand MM
  • Preamp: John East with Passive Switch Added
  • Bridge: Hipshot
  • Tuners: Hipshot

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