Hal Leonard Releases Megadeth Bass Anthology

Megadeth Bass AnthologyHal Leonard’s newest edition in their “Bass Recorded Versions” offers up David Ellefson‘s bass line transcriptions for 20 Megadeth tunes.

Megadeth Bass Anthology includes transcriptions for each song in both standard notation and tab.

Megadeth Bass Anthology Song List:

  1. Countdown To Extinction
  2. Dawn Patrol
  3. Five Magics
  4. Hangar 18
  5. Head Crusher
  6. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
  7. In My Darkest Hour
  8. My Last Words
  9. 99 Ways To Die
  10. Peace Sells
  11. Sleepwalker
  12. Sweating Bullets
  13. Symphony Of Destruction
  14. Take No Prisoners
  15. Tornado Of Souls
  16. A Tout Le Monde (A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free))
  17. Train Of Consequences
  18. Trust
  19. Wake Up Dead
  20. Youthanasia

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  1. Why was Bad Omen not added to that list, the majority of the songs should have been from Peace Sells….Who’s buyin