Lesson: Funky Slap Bass with Open Strings

Here’s a simple slap pattern based on open strings and octaves. As I demonstrate in the video, I’m playing a pattern, first in A, and then switching to E (same line). Before switching back to the A, there’s an octave line to bring us back.

The line uses hammer-ons and pull-offs. Around the 3 minute mark of the video, I break down each one.

This is a great one to play along to a Disco-style drum pattern.

For the gear heads: I’m playing a Sandberg Califiornia MarloweDK Signature bass with Dunlop nickel strings (gauge 45-105). This is running through a TC Electronic RH450 amp.

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  1. Where’s the notation for it?

  2. For beginners it would be good to see some finger placement charts – Like your style very smooth

  3. Paul

    I am wondering if there is such a thing as a “basic 16th slap bass pattern (rhythm) from where it is possible to you can build / expand your slap bass playing”. Like a pattern where you can always fall back at. Ans if so, what is that pattern? Thank you.