Nine Inch Nails with Pino Palladino: “All Time Low”

Nine Inch Nails stopped by to perform on the Jimmy Kimmel Show as part of their tour in support of Hesitation Marks, which was released in August. As we reported in September, the legendary Pino Palladino is laying down the low end for Trent Reznor and crew. The combo is pure awesomeness.

“All Time Low” is a particularly bass-driven tune with Palladino driving the band with a big fat groove like only he can. Dig it!

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  1. Should said, what can’t Pino do..

  2. Killer, what can’t do?

  3. Ah. The clip explains why they got Pino in. Not really NIN is it?
    Lovely bass groove but boring song (especially if you’re a NIN fan I expect).

  4. excelentes lineas de bajo…. (Y) :)

  5. NIN never sounded so funky… Perfect argument in favor of the tremendous impact a bassist can have on a band.

  6. can we get a cheeky list of his set up with NIN?

  7. I didn’t expect that. Funky “Nine Inch Nails” with Pino ? Pure awesomeness indeed.

  8. funky as he wants to be….I remember the first time I heard him, check out his work on Gary Numan’s “I Assasin”, I saw him on that tour he’s the best..

  9. Don´t want to dis anything (Pino is the man!) but this track sounds a lot like Bowies “Fame” ;)

  10. It’s just a harmless remix of Closer (towards to the end, Reznor recite some verses and play a little sample on the keyboard). Not a good song (or good remix), anyway.

  11. This just proves that tight grooves never go out of style!

  12. I caught NIN on Austin City Limits earlier this year. After picking my jaw up off the floor just from seeing them on the show (A show I had previously thought was just a place where old country stars went to die), I had to pick it up again during the performance of “Came Back Haunted”. Pino drove that tune hard, with a fretless no less. Seriously worth finding it on YouTube.

  13. Dezz

    How did Pino play such a low note at 2:10? one of my most favorite bassists!