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Darryl Jones: Rolling Stones Have Lots of Unreleased Material

Darryl JonesWhen a band has been active for five decades, there’s bound to be some songs that fall through the cracks. That’s certainly the case with The Rolling Stones, according to bassist Daryl Jones. Jones, who has been playing with the veteran rockers since Bill Wyman’s departure, told Noise11 that there’s a wealth of unreleased tracks from the band’s recording sessions over the years.

“I think back about the recording that I have done with them over the years there is still a lot of stuff that no-one has heard,” he said. “There is still a lot of very good stuff [from the] A Bigger Bang sessions, going right back to Voodoo Lounge, which was my first record. Everything that we recorded did not make it onto that record. There are some other really great pieces there.”

Jones was featured on last year’s greatest hits album, GRRR!, which also featured two new songs. He’s currently on tour with the Dead Daisies.

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