JHS Pedals Announces Moonshine Overdrive Pedal

JHS Pedals Moonshine Overdrive PedalKansas City’s JHS Pedals has unveiled the Moonshine Overdrive. Designed for bass and guitar, the stompbox is described as a “massively tweaked version of the most famous overdrive ever created.”

The Moonshine has standard Volume, Drive, and Tone controls that are augmented with a “Proof” toggle switch. When switched down, the Proof toggle pus the pedal into a higher gain setting with lots of saturation, sustain, and mid-range. The up position adds more open and crunchy tones as well as more volume and headroom.

The pedal is powered by a 9-volt power supply, but the Moonshine has an internal mechanism to convert the power internally to 18-volts for added headroom and low-end punch. The JHS Pedals Moonshine Overdrive is shipping now for $199. For more info, check out the JHS website.

JHS Pedals Moonshine Overdrive Demo:

JHS Pedals Moonshine Overdrive Details:

  • Volume, Drive, Tone Controls
  • 2-position “Proof” Switch
  • Internal 9v to 18v Charge Pump

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  1. Most musical overdrive for bass I’ve heard.