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After the Burial Release “Wolves Within”

After the Burial: Wolves WithinMinnesota’s After the Burial is back with new music for the first time in three years with Wolves Within.

The metal band remains on Sumerian Records, which also released the group’s Rareform and In Dreams albums and its This Life Is All We Have EP (three remastered tracks from the band’s first album, Forging a Future Self.)

The band features bassist Lee Foral, who plays 5-string basses tuned down to hit the octave below the F of the band’s two eight-string guitars, according to his overview of his tour gear over at Tune Up.

One of the guitarists, Justin Lowe, says the album includes what the group feels “is some of the most crushing and dynamic material we’ve written to date.”

Check out “A Wolf Amongst Ravens” from Wolves Within:

Wolves Within is out now on CD and in digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Wolves Within Track List:

  1. Anti-pattern
  2. Of Fearful Men
  3. Pennyweight
  4. Disconnect
  5. Nine Summers
  6. Virga
  7. Neo Seoul
  8. Parise
  9. A Wolf Amongst Ravens

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