Happy Holidays from No Treble

No Treble Christmas TreeI guess you can now call this a tradition. This is the time of year we love to look back at all the great moments we’ve been a part of in the online bass playing community, and to say thanks to all of you for making this so much fun.

Over the next several days, we’ll be sharing our annual “best of” lists. Be sure to check those out each day until the new year.

In 2013, we gained 10,000 new friends on Facebook, which means we’re now connected with more than 85,000 people there. Add almost 9,000 friends on Twitter, and we’re closing in on a very humbling 100,000 connections.

We recently secured our username on Instagram, and we’re having a lot of fun making connections and sharing there too.

As of yesterday, No Treble has been visited 2,745,912 times in 2013, by 1,324,569 people. What started out as a hobby of mine years ago – and became official less than five years ago on May 2, 2009 – has brought more joy than most other projects, thanks to these connections and discoveries.

Since the beginning, our mission has been to showcase everything we find interesting and useful in the bass world. That means we cover the greats (too many to name, and we don’t want to exclude anyone), but it also means we feature the lesser known bassists, who are using the web to share their music. Our favorite features are the weekly Reader Spotlight, the daily videos and the Old School gear you have in your collections.

We’d love to feature you in 2014, and there are many ways to share your story and your music (see Spotlight on You for a list).

We interviewed a great and diverse group of bassists this year, including Jason Newsted,
James Jamerson, Jr., Rex Brown, Boris Kozlov, Danielle Schnebelen, Bryan Beller, Sandy Beales, Peter Hook and Bobby Vega. Great stories and great advice from all of them.

We kicked off a brand new series we’re super excited about this year called “Profiles in Tone”. And we started things off with the man whose sound epitomized rock bass tone in the ’70s, the great Jerry Scheff.

Among the content I’m most proud of comes from our terrific and long-time columnists. Every week, Damian Erskine answers a reader’s question as only he can in his Ask Damian Erskine column. Dr. Donovan Stokes inspires us with a wealth of bass and musical guidance every other Monday in his Lowdown with Dr. D column. And Ryan Madora makes us think of the things that sometime go unnoticed (or take years to figure out) in her I Wish I Knew That column, which appears every other Friday.

Add to that our Bass Lessons, which frequently feature lessons by the great Thomas “MarloweDK” Risell and the Transcriptions from the amazingly talented Stuart Clayton, and I think we’re offering up some of the best expert advice and how-to’s around.

We have some surprises in store for 2014. We can’t wait to show you. But first, we’re gearing up for the Winter NAMM show next month, as soon as the holidays are over and we’ve recovered from all the food and festivities.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season. One we hope is full of peace, happiness and lots of new bass gear.

As always, we love hearing from you about what you’d like to see from us. Please share your suggestions and feedback in the comments or drop us a line at suggestions@notreble.com.

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