Bass of the Week: Scott Walker Guitars California Bass

Scott Walker California Bass P-Bass

Scott Walker is an independent luthier based in North Carolina. Though his primary focus is electric guitars, his California Bass is more than an after thought. Its construction includes a long tenon design, laminated hard woods, and multiple bolt coupling to eliminate dead spots and promote resonance.

The bass starts with a body of Alder or Swamp ash and a bolt-on laminate neck of maple with hardwood stringers. The neck is capped with a rosewood fretboard. Pickups on the bass are customizable, but it’s typically fitted for a pair of single coils.

Standard electronics includes an active/passive Aguilar preamp with bass, mid, and treble knobs that have push/pull functionality to adjust the frequency. Walker uses different pieces of metal to create eye-catching control plates.

Scott Walker Electric Guitars California Bass Photos:

For more info, check out the Scott Walker Guitars website.

Scott Walker Electric Guitars California Bass Details:

  • Body: Alder or Swamp ash
  • Neck: Bolt on Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Scale: 35″ Scale
  • Hardware: Hipshot bridge and tuners
  • Electronics: Aguilar preamp
  • Pickups: Single coil pickups of choice

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  1. I love the guitars bot they cost to much for me. But there awesome!

  2. Walker is based in Sanat Cruz, California.

  3. These are very aesthetically pleasing to me, which has become far less frequent lately. Especially fond of the extra treatment with the neck (near the pocket, especially) and headstock, the hint of steampunk in the metal dressing around the controls is a radical departure from the norm as well. Nice!