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Bass of the Week: Scott Walker Guitars California Bass

Scott Walker California Bass P-Bass

Scott Walker is an independent luthier based in North Carolina. Though his primary focus is electric guitars, his California Bass is more than an after thought. Its construction includes a long tenon design, laminated hard woods, and multiple bolt coupling to eliminate dead spots and promote resonance.

The bass starts with a body of Alder or Swamp ash and a bolt-on laminate neck of maple with hardwood stringers. The neck is capped with a rosewood fretboard. Pickups on the bass are customizable, but it’s typically fitted for a pair of single coils.

Standard electronics includes an active/passive Aguilar preamp with bass, mid, and treble knobs that have push/pull functionality to adjust the frequency. Walker uses different pieces of metal to create eye-catching control plates.

Scott Walker Electric Guitars California Bass Photos:

For more info, check out the Scott Walker Guitars website.

Scott Walker Electric Guitars California Bass Details:

  • Body: Alder or Swamp ash
  • Neck: Bolt on Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Scale: 35″ Scale
  • Hardware: Hipshot bridge and tuners
  • Electronics: Aguilar preamp
  • Pickups: Single coil pickups of choice