OM: State of Non-Return

Our friend Lyall Storey sent us this video of OM performing “State of Non-Return,” saying the doom metal band is a prime example of “no treble”.

OM consists of just a rhythm section with Al Cisneros on bass and vocals, Emil Amos on drums and Robert Lowe on percussion. Cisneros delivers his signature thick, crushing riffs throughout the song.

“He may not be as progressive or obviously virtuoso as a lot of the Jazz, Fusion and Tech Death guys out there,” Lyall tells us, “but I’ve always felt he has a wonderful way of melting melody into rhythm and distilling some incredible grooves from it.”

We agree. Thanks Lyall!

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  1. Great song by great artists.

  2. Evan

    Does anybody know what effect pedals Al is using for this track?