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Iconic Sound Announces “Light Lead” Optical Analog Instrument Cable

Iconic Sound Light LeadIconic Sound has announced they will be unveiling the Light Lead, the world’s first optical analog, jack-to-jack instrument cable at NAMM this month. The new technology uses analog fiber optics which provides zero capacitance and zero loading. This in turn offers completely uncompressed and full analog signal transmission no matter the cable length.

The Light Lead’s cables are high density, small diameter, and coated in PVC for durability. The cables run on a battery and have a power button that works as a kill switch. Other features include a 4-position simulated loading switch and moveable jacks.

The Iconic Sound Light Lead is not yet available to the public, but is expected to launch this year.

Iconic Sound Light Lead Demo:

Iconic Sound Light Lead Specs:

  • Analog Fiber Optic Technology
  • Zero Capacitance
  • PVC Coated
  • 4-position Simulated Loading Switch

For more info, check out the Iconic Sound website.