Sinasoid Cables Introduces the Sable Series Cables

Sinasoid Signature Sable CablesSinasoid Cables has introduced a new product to its lineup with the Sable series. Named after its sleek black appearance and matte finish, the cable has a subtle grip to its wrap that eliminates the need to constantly move it.

The Sable is built with a copper braided shield and a conductive electrostatic shield to prevent noise interference. Sinasoid also tins the copper prior to extrusion to prevent corrosion. “‘Enough techno-babble, how does it sound?!'” the company writes. “In a word: clear. With a present (but not exaggerated) low-end, a smooth mid-range that is incredibly even, and a very punchy, sparkly, and – dare we say – chimey top-end response thanks to the low capacitance, the Sable is a very musical sounding wire.”

The Sinasoid Signature Sable cables come in lengths from 3 inches to 40 feet and with straight or angled plugs. They’re available now with pricing starting at $27.99 for patches and $53.99 for instrument leads.

Sinasoid Signature Sable Cable Features:

Great feeling matte jacket, very flexible for its size
Available in lengths from 3 inches – 40 feet
Plug options: available in Straight or Right Angle, including the Sinasoid Sliver
Low capacitance guitar cable – very clear without sounding too “hi-fi” or sterile

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