Tino Tedesco Announces The Primal Bass Series

Swiss luthier Tino Tedesco has unveiled The Primal series of basses, including the 4/21 and 5/21. The new line aims to reduce the amount of options to be able to offer a professional instrument on a budget.

Tino Tedesco Primal 5-21 Bass

“We have retained a lot of important features also present on our other models like the graphite reinforced necks, the 2-way trussrods and the original US made hipshot hardware but have reduced options like the chambered bodies, figured tops, body and neck wood selections, ultralightweight body woods, preamp and pickup options,” Tedesco explains. “This way the basses will retain all the qualities that I consider of utmost importance in any instrument: no neck dive and well balanced when strapped on, great action and playability, even response of notes all over the neck, great sustain, and a well defined and articulate low end with a punchy low B.”

The Primal basses will have a 34.5″ scale on both 4- and 5-string models. They will come in either two-piece poplar bodies with a solid color or a two-piece swamp ash body on translucent and transparent finishes. The maple neck can be topped with either a pau ferro fretboard for brighter attack or a rosewood fretboard for a warmer attack. Each bass is fitted with a pair of Aguilar DCB hum-canceling soapbars and passive electronics. Hardware includes a Hipshot bridge and ultralight tuners. The only upgrade options will be to include a teardrop style pickguard or an Audere 2-band classic preamp.

Build time on the Primal 4/21 and 5/21 basses is currently around sixteen to eighteen weeks. They will be available for approximately $2,100 for the 4/21 and $2,500 for 5/21 (USD). For more info, check out the Tino Tedesco website.

Tino Tedesco Primal Bass Series Photos:

Note: The pictured bass is a pre series model and mounts Basslines single coil pickups, the standard Primal model will have Aguilar DCB soapbars.

Tino Tedesco Primal Bass Series Specs:

  • Construction: Bolt-on
  • Scale: 34.5″
  • Body: 2-piece Poplar on Solid Colors, 2-piece Swamp Ash on Trans Finishes
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Pau Ferro, Rosewood
  • Pickups: Aguilar DCB Humcancelling Soapbars
  • Electronics: Passive, Audere 2-band Preamp Upgrade Available
  • Bridge: Hipshot
  • Tuners: Hipshot Ultralight
  • Gotoh Oversize Strap Buttons

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