Nico Aranda: “Get Lucky” Solo Bass Cover

Our Twitter friend Valeria Lecko sent this video to us, and it looks like Jim Bennett is inspiring bassists out there with his all-bass Daft Punk covers.

This is Nico Aranda showing off some excellent technique – and some cool videography – in his performance of “Get Lucky”.

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  1. this guy is awesome and has great taste in instruments! love his techniques

  2. Nice. On a four string even. Love it. Double thumbing action impressive

  3. Amazing! Now I’d like to learn this version :-) most excellent playing and creativity.

  4. Thank you very much for posting and sharing my video, the truth is an honor for me to attend this excellent website, greetings from Argentina, love music worldwide!

  5. Could you make a tab for this I really want to learn it !!!!

  6. Pure greatness, truly inspired!

  7. aweome !!!!! nice job !

  8. Nice Enjoyed Listening