Mod Kits DIY Introduces Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit

For all the do-it-yourselfers, Mod Kits DIY has introduced the Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit. The kit comes with all the pieces and instructions to build the effects pedal.

Mod Kits DIY Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit

The company says the Wahtz Wah Pedal kit creates a pedal with a classic wah tone “with a hint of extra bite and growl.” It features true bypass to prevent signal loss when the effect is not engaged. The included long life potentiometer is manufactured specifically for wah pedals for quiet operation.

Every Mod Kits DIY kit comes with instructions and point-to-point wiring to allow more experienced builders to experiment with modifications. The wah runs on a 9-volt battery, and the only things you need to provide to build it are hand tools, a soldering iron and solder.

The Mod Kits DIY Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit is available now for $99.95. For more info, check out

Mod Kits DIY Wahtz Wah Pedal Kit Details:

  • All components besides tools included
  • Point-to-Point Construction
  • True Bypass
  • Power: 9-volt batter, 9V DC Adapter optional

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