Sebastian Sanhueza: 50 Bass Intros

Everybody loves a good bass intro, especially bass players. Sebastian Sanhueza pays homage to the bass intro in this video he made in which he plays fifty bass intros in a single take.

For anyone looking to play along, Sanhueza compiled tabs for each of them (grab them here).

What’s your favorite bass intro? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. these are cool. he forgot “for the love of money” by the o’jays.

  2. that was a hell of a lot of work…well played

  3. that was cool especially when he discarded the pick and went finger style

  4. Pink Floyd “Money”, that is the coolest intro

  5. well played. i am guessing you added fx n eq after recording?

  6. loved it ! great work.

  7. Loads of great choices in there, I was really surprised that for Whom the Bell tolls didn’t make it in though.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments! Check my channel for more of my work ;)

  9. You can’t omit Chicago’s “I’m a Man” intro (Peter Cetera), the Allman Brothers “Whipping Post” (Berry Oakley), and the Temptation’s “My Girl” (James Jamerson).

  10. The Tool intro Forty six & 2 sounded like “Let there be more light” by Pink Floyd.