Rickenbacker Announces 4003W Bass

Rickenbacker has introduced the W Series of guitars and basses for 2014. The lineup is a spin on their classic models, including the 4003 bass, but are made with walnut bodies. Though the company states that it’s careful not to change too much from the formulas they use to make instrument, they say the walnut adds strength and natural character.

Rickenbacker 4003W Bass

The Rickenbacker 4003W bass has a walnut body paired with a maple neck and fingerboard. Other features include deluxe triangular fretboard inlays, RIC hardware, single coil pickups, and mono/stereo outputs.

The Rickenbacker W Series 4003W will be available with a street price of around $1,795. For more info, check out the Rickenbacker website.

Rickenbacker 4003W Specs:

No. Frets:20
Scale Length:84.5 cm (33 1/4″)
Neck Width at Nut:42.9 mm (1 11/16″)
Neck Width at 12th Fret:54.0 mm (2 1/8″)
Crown Radius:25.4 cm (10″)
Body Wood:Walnut
Neck Wood:Maple
Fingerboard Wood:Maple
Weight:4.1 kg (9.0 lbs.)
Overall Length:113.8 cm (44 13/16″)
Overall Width:34.3 cm (13 1/2″)
Overall Depth:31.8 mm (1 1/4″)
Neck Binding:Yes
Fret Marker Style:Triangle
Neck Type:Through body
No. of Pickups:2
Type of Pickups:Single Coil
Output Type:Mono and Stereo
Machine Heads:Schaller Deluxe

For more information:

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  1. Placed it high on my wishlist.

  2. I love Rickenbacker but their website needs some TLC.

  3. Best bass guitars ever made . The elite in the industry.

  4. I think I’m in love

  5. Beautiful bass. I wish I could get one. My 77 Ric is getting worn out.

  6. They really do need to ditch that stock bridge and install a Hipshot (or other high quality piece) from the get-go. Add a brass nut, too.

    • Marshall AC50 Stack

      Rick could make some improvements on their bridge but the hipshot has plenty of its own problems.

  7. i think i would like to see a rosewood neck on it

  8. I had a1978 mapleglow 4001 I paid $400 for brand new. I gave it to my nephew. I loved the bass but it killed my shoulder. The extended horn made it really painfull on my left shoulder, playing over 200 gigs with. Wish I still had it on my wall.