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Marco Machera Releases “Dime Novels”, Featuring Tony Levin

Marco Machera: Dime NovelsItalian bassist and songwriter Marco Machera has released his sophomore album, Dime Novels. The effort includes a host of special guests, including fellow bassist Tony Levin on “Out of Blue,” drummer Pat Mastelotto, guitarist Markus Reuter and more.

With an interesting cast of characters, Machera offers up a quirky take on pop music.

Dime Novels is a beast. Pretty much like my first album, One Time, Somewhere,” he states. “But I’m going further with this one. I’m still exploring the possibilities that a pop song can offer: I just love the idea of deconstructing the pop song formula and toying around with its elements. I think Dime Novels sounds like an adventurous pop record. It’s quirky, imaginative, cinematic at times. Each song has a distinctive feel.”

Check out this preview video for the album:

Dime Novels is out now in digital format (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Dime Novels Track List:

  1. The Sky
  2. The Ugly Song
  3. Big Juju Man
  4. Ham on Rye
  5. Out of the Blue
  6. Sing for You
  7. The Art of Cliches
  8. John Porno
  9. The Sky Part II

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