Warwick Announces RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass

Warwick RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass

Two years ago, Warwick presented Bootsy Collins with a one-of-a-kind “Space Bass” made in the company’s custom shop. The star-shaped instrument garnered so much attention that Warwick has now introduced a similar model to their more affordable RockBass Artist Line.

The Warwick RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass is built with a mahogany body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. Its finish matches the outrageous fashion of Collins himself with a special purple burst. More of the bassist’s persona shines through with star fingerboard inlays and a matching star-shaped headstock.

The pickup configuration is an active MEC J/TJ setup that’s matched with an active MEC 2-way preamp. Other features include a 2-piece Warwick bridge and Warwick security locks. The bass will start shipping in July with a street price under $1,000.

RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass Photos:

RockBass Artist Line Bootsy Collins Space Bass Specs:

Matched Headstock:Matching Headstock with Bootsy-Logo
Machineheads:Warwick machineheads
Nut:Just-A-Nut III
Neck Wood:Maple with Ekanga Veneer stripes
Inlay:Star Inlays
Fingerboard Radius:20″
Scale length:34″ (long scale)
Fret quantity material and size:24 nickelsilver frets (width: 2,9mm/ height: 1,3mm)
Body Shape:flat Body Shape
Bodywood (Topwood / Backwood):Mahogany
Pickups:Active MEC J/TJ
Electronics:Active MEC 2 way electronic
Pot layout:Volume P/P / Balance / Treble/Bass stacked P/P for splitting coils
Pickguard:Purple Pickguard
Bridge system:2-piece Warwick bridge
Strap system:Warwick security locks
Left/Right Handed:Only available as right-handed and fretted
Color possibilities:Special purple Bootsy Finish
Hardware color:Chrome Hardware
String label / gauges:Warwick Red strings: 4-string: 045″ – 105″ (42200 M)
Weight:Approximately 9 lbs.

For more information:

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  1. I never comment on these posts, but this is just unbelievably garish. I can’t imagine why ANYONE would want to buy one.

  2. It’s a 70’s thing. The music was great and the look was flash!

  3. “When he came-to, he was slappin’ a bass guitar fast and loose, like some kind of delirious funky priest!”

  4. Slow down, you’re moving’ too fast…

  5. BOOTZILLA baby babba!!

  6. We would buy it because it’s there!

  7. I think it’s great despite the other comments.

  8. All I want to know is where and how can I get one?

  9. Jamminjg

    I can’t wait to buy one. (Jackson just doesn’t get it)

  10. Peter Walker

    Well now. Just received one of these and it has to be the cheapest piece of junk ever to leave a Warwick factory – the nut won’t even hold the strings in place. There is NO WAY this instrument was ever checked by quality control.