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Drive-By Truckers Release “English Oceans”

Drive-By Truckers: English OceansDrive-By Truckers’ 12th album, English Oceans, is almost exclusively the result of just 13 days of recording by a compact lineup that features bassist Matt Patton, who joined the band in 2013. (Only one song was recorded at a different time.)

“This lineup is so direct,” said Mike Cooley, one of the band’s primary singer-guitarist-songwriters (the other is Patterson Hood.) “It can go from this chainsaw rock ’n’ roll to very delicate, pretty-sounding stuff.”

English Oceans features both, with the record’s 13 songs ranging from the roots-y raver “Pauline Hawkins,” to the folksy “First Day of Autumn,” to “Grand Canyon,” written in memory of a good friend of the band, to whom the entire album is dedicated.

English Oceans is available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

English Oceans Track List:

  1. Shit Shots Count
  2. When He’s Gone
  3. Primer Coat
  4. Pauline Hawkins
  5. Made Up English Oceans
  6. The Part of Him
  7. Hearing Jimmy Loud
  8. Til He’s Dead or Rises
  9. Hanging On
  10. Natural Light
  11. When Walter Went Crazy
  12. First Air of Autumn
  13. Grand Canyon

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