Scott Devine’s Project-Live Band: Long Time Coming

Scott Devine wrote “Long Time Coming” and took it into the studio with his Project-Live Band. Scott said the tune “was recorded completely live, no rehearsals… just 5 guys in the studio having fun and seeing what they can come up with.”

Great laid back tune, with great musicians and a terrific bass solo. What else is there?

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  1. Jaco would be proud of that solo.

  2. Hey thanks for posting this guys! The support means a lot :)

  3. go learn before to play without this gloves you don’t have it fusion my ass

  4. guys you only have one comment

  5. Yes Scott! Love this- big fan here. You teach so well- from a place of context and real application, and this proves it. I def. hear a little Montreux influence on this one, which is a good thing :-) Some B-side mid-period Flecktones in the writing and tones. A little Chris Tarry too. All great influences, but all in all, it’s you. Thanks.

  6. Scott is a hell of a player… but everyone is reading sheet music. Kinda takes the balls out of the whole just five guys in a studio, no rehearsals seeing what they come up with claim a bit doesnt it? That said, really solid playing from every one of these cats. Very cool stuff. I could listen to this all damn day.

  7. Great stuff!, I really dig your melodic playing.

  8. kenzillathor


  9. Scott tought me so much..(Cristal clear lessons, i recommend them to my own newbie students) I am grateful !!! great player, great solo!! and enjoy playing along!!
    Thanks Scott!!