Abraham Laboriel with the CSCM Professors: The Chicken

The Professors of the Cornel School of Contemporary Music got together and performed their take of “The Chicken”. The group includes Abraham Laboriel on bass, Jimmy Branly on drums, Otmaro Ruiz on keys and Allen Hinds on guitar.

Many people think Jaco Pastorius wrote this tune, but it was actually composed by Alfred “Pee Wee” Ellis, who arranged and co-wrote music with James Brown and others.

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  1. big brother abe is one funky dude! he’s still got it, man. go abe go!

  2. Jazz lovin’ dog at the end!

  3. Soundin’ great Otmaro !

  4. Brian Vaughan

    Glad to see Allen Hinds still playing great guitar.

  5. Matt

    Only ever heard this tune at the beginning of one of Jaco’s vids. Great to hear the full thing. I recognised it instantly.