Kiefer Shackelford and Abraham Laboriel Sr.: Impromptu Jam

Any time I see a video featuring Abraham Laboriel Sr., I drop what I’m doing to watch. This one is super cool.

Spectrasonics put on an event to showcase their gear, with Kiefer Shackelford and his band. They also had a surprise in store, by inviting Laboriel Sr., who joined the band on stage.

“The art of being spontaneous,” Laboriel Sr. said.

“What happened next is what you see here… a spontaneous expression and heartfelt communication that reminded us all of the joy and power of music,” Spectrasonics shared. “Moments like these remind us of why we do what we do! Be Encouraged and Encourage Others! :-)”

Laboriel Sr. offered some beautiful, heartfelt words after the performance.

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  1. Trey Smith


  2. Randy

    The words of wisdom at the end are worth the trip.