MonoNeon: KNOWER’s “Lady Gaga” Medley

KNOWER makes fresh remixes of pop songs. Dywane “MonoNeon” Thomas takes songs and adds his own inventive style on top. When the two come together, it’s killer.

Here’s MonoNeon doing his thing on KNOWER’s “Lady Gaga.”

“On this video I am playing an arrangement/medley by KNOWER (Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi),consisting of 11 Lady Gaga songs mashed together into one composition,” the bassist explains. “The Lady Gaga songs included in the arrangement/medley: ‘Applause,’ ‘Bad Romance,’ ‘Judas,’ ‘Poker Face,’ ‘Paparazzi,’ ‘Edge Of Glory,’ ‘Do What U Want,’ ‘Telephone,’ ‘Alejandro,’ ‘Love Game,’ ‘Just Dance.’”

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  1. Im just gonna start giving him my gigs so I can listen to MonoNeon play more.

  2. This dude is not human. No way!

  3. Holy cow! He’s playing a right-handed bass without flipping the strings.

  4. check out the original video by knower too…the way he uses a launchpad is equally ridiculous…plus he is a servicable drummer too! and with Tim Lefebvre on bass it is also a win.

  5. mononeon is a real trip, man. very creative player. i’m a lefty player, too. but i can’t do the upside down thing. he does it flawlessly.

  6. The reverse thump/pluck combis are just crazy.