Anthony Crawford: Bass Solo on Virgil Donati’s “Eleven”

Anthony Crawford sent us this video of a rehearsal with drummer Virgil Donati for their upcoming European tour. This is his bass solo from Donati’s tune, “Eleven.”

Good luck keeping up with it!

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  1. man, anthony crawford is all the way live. such good tone. i love his work with virgil donati and allan holdsworth. his phrasings just drip like liquid. this is great melodic fusion, my favorite kind of music.

  2. Nice…interaction between the two.

    • bvdon

      agree. the music isn’t doing anything interesting. Think Havona or Water On The Brain… those tunes just grab you.

  3. Not too bad keep up with it” If you count eleven eight notes ( 11/8 ) in a row, you can follow easyly that Mr. Crawford great bass solo iinteraction with Virgil. Remarkable!

  4. Anthony’s a beast! Every time I hear him he surprises me.