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Andres Rotmistrovsky and Sofia Ribeiro Team Up for “Lilás”

Andres Rotmistrovsky & Sofia Ribeiro: LilásArgentine bassist Andres Rotmistrovsky and Portuguese singer Sofia Ribeiro have teamed up to create a jazzy-Brazilian album of nothing but bass and vocal music, called Lilás.

The songs hail from Brazil, Argentina and Portugal, and feature No Treble favorite Rotmistrovsky, who has worked with in the vocal/bass duet form before, with Angela Watson.

The sound he and Ribeiro make is pretty singular. Just listen to the title track from their record:

Lilás is available for digital download through Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby.

Lilás Track List:

  1. O Samba e o Tango
  2. Soledad
  3. Jack Soul Brasileiro
  4. Lilás
  5. Este Seu Olhar
  6. Pobre Colombina
  7. Só à Noitinha
  8. Lança Perfume
  9. Amapola
  10. À Primeira Vista
  11. Balderrama
  12. Parte del Aire

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