Neon Trees Returns with “Pop Psychology”

Neo Trees: Pop PsychologyNeon Trees’ third studio album, Pop Psychology, is hitting retailers just a few months after bassist Branden Campbell underwent open heart surgery to repair a mutated aortic valve.

Campbell’s surgery was in December 2013, according to, and he’s feeling better than ever. The bassist for the pop/rock outfit also revealed a bit about the album in the interview with Fender. The recording process was one in which band members recorded most of their parts on their own, which allowed for greater freedom for the players, and later in song assembly, he notes.

He admitted to something to something pretty funny as he discussed changes made in the album’s re-mastering process: “…the low end was a bit too expansive. It was too big. I like more of a tight, punchy, low end.”

And, he offered a peek into his favorite song on the album — “Foolish Behavior” a Billy Ocean-influenced tune, which he told features one of his favorite bass lines.

Read the entire Fender interview with Campbell, and be sure to check out the first single/video from Pop Psychology, “Sleeping With a Friend”:

Pop Psychology is available on CD and in digital formats (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Pop Psychology Track List:

  1. Love In the 21st Century
  2. Text Me in the Morning
  3. Sleeping With a Friend
  4. Teenager In Love
  5. I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)
  6. Unavoidable
  7. Voices In the Halls
  8. Foolish Behavior
  9. Living In Another World
  10. First Things First
  11. American Zero

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