Hugo Doyon-Karout: Playthrough of Brought By Pain’s “Guided by Fear”

Metal bassists don’t often get the credit they deserve. Here’s a video of Hugo Doyon-Karout playing through his bass line on “Guided by Fear” by Brought by Pain. The Montreal-based progressive death metal band delivers crushing riffs, which the bassist runs through with ease.

Warning: Death metal vocals ahead.

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  1. That is one beautiful bass. Music doesn’t do anything for me, but it’s not my bag :)

  2. I wish we could actualy hear the bas and not just a rumble behind the highly distorted guitar

  3. Nice! Remember folks, some of y’all grew up listening to the Beatles and some of us grew up listening to Slayer.

  4. wow all those notes I love metal too bad the bass is always lost in the mix. Btw awesome bass.

  5. Ass whoopin music . These guys don t need no dumb vocals ruining it. The music can stand alone by itself.

  6. stop the vocals ………………………..

  7. great bass ;.. great talent, they should ditch the vocal

  8. yep made it exactly 33 seconds into the video….rawrrawrrawr

  9. Great playing, beautiful bass. They could save a lot of set up time if the guitar player would buy an octave pedal.

  10. This is the genre do not insult it, Take it as a whole, for the most part these are some of the most talented musicians across all instruments and these kind of vocals are a skill on thier own, not everyone can deliver them

  11. I like to think of myself as pretty open minded but, I have to admit, I just cannot relate to this music. Having said that, I don’t understand jazz either but I can appreciate good musicianship when I hear it. That’s just a bad azz bass line. Nice work!

  12. Death metal with an edge!

  13. Why does the video look sped up?

  14. Matt

    NIce, find a lot of newer metal to be stagnant. This was solid. Great playing and great technique. Sorry most people are either too old or too closed minded to appreciate this kind of music.

    • Pat

      What is the set up he was using? Tablet with some sort of amp app? & a couple of pedals? Looks simple,clean very little of the typical mounds of gear…