Dominic “Forest” Lapointe: Death’s “Nothing is Everything” Bass Playthrough

Every time I watch a video by Dominic “Forest” Lapointe, it’s sure to blow me away. This one is no exception.

Here’s the fretless 6-stringer playing through “Nothing is Everything” by Death. The track comes from their 1993 album Individual Though Patterns, which was originally played by fellow fretless metal player Steve DiGiorgio.

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  1. Amazing! He makes it look easy.

  2. satanic bullshit.

  3. Don, have you ever actually listened to Death? If so you’d know chuck they were far from ‘satanic’.

  4. i saw him many times live, he s awesome

  5. not into speed metal or death metal, or scream rock. to me it’s wasted talent !

  6. A lot of people here think that this is a waste of talent. I get it. This genre of music isn’t your thing, but keep in mind that it’s very musical and his capabilities on bass are outstanding. Absolutely fantastic.

  7. Can’t believe some of the comments here. If you’re not in to metal that’s fine but at least recognize and respect the talent involved in the playing. SMDH

  8. Can everyone pause their own thoughts for a minute and read Corey’s input?
    “I’m not a fan of the genre like Kevin is, but I would consider a waste of talent having his ability and *not* playing. He’s using his talent for sure!”
    You don’t have to appreciate the style to appreciate the technical skill involved

  9. It’s funny – I’ve never really listened to Death, mostly because I assumed they were just another 80’s metal band that I tend to not enjoy very much. After this though, I think I’ll be listening to a little more. Loved the bass playing, loved the song itself. Thanks!

    • If your diggin this, Id recommend the entire individual thought patterns album. Steve DiGiorgio kills it on this album with fretless bass. HAve fun and happy listenings my friend!

  10. I spy a Rickenbacker in the back