Zawinul Syndicate with Gerald Veasley: King Hip (1988)

When we interviewed Gerald Veasley in 2011, he spoke a lot about his time playing music with the late great Joe Zawinul in the Zawinul Syndicate. That’s some great reading, if you want to check that out after this video.

Gerald was Zawinul’s longest tenured bassist, which should say a lot. Zawinul prided himself in picking only the great bassists (and had an excellent track record doing so).

Here’s a live performance by the Syndicate in their first year of existence – 1988 – performing the tune “King Hip” at the Pori Jazz Festival.

The other members of the band include Lynne Fiddmont on vocals, Scott Henderson on guitar, Cornell Rochester on drums and Daryl “Munyungo” Jackson on percussion.

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