Zander Zon: “Lord of the Rings” Medley for Solo Bass

I’m not quite sure how Zander Zon produces such incredible arrangements and performances as often as he does.

In this piece he performs music from the Lord of the Rings. He even shared some terrific quotes from people who have watched so far:

“One instrument to rule them all!”

“Lord of the strings!”

So true.

Zander is sporting his Zon bass, this time using a Spider Capo and Ebow.

If you’re like us and wonder how Zander does what he does, there’s a segment at the end of the video you’ll want to check out, along with Zander’s Patreon page

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  1. “My precious”

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  3. there are no words to explain this wonderful sound.

  4. GREAT!!! Reminds me some of guys like Michael Manring. Loved this!

  5. I could listen to that a couple hundred times or more. Beautiful

  6. Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys!

  7. Love it Zander…am so chilled now x

  8. So Zander what planet are you from?
    This is unearthly.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome gift.

  9. Julian

    una de las cosas mas lindas que escuche

  10. disca

    one word: epic.

  11. Chuck Sawyer

    Very inspiring!

  12. Ben

    Looks like piccolo strings aren’t they? That would explain the exquisite lightness of it all…