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moe. Releases “No Guts, No Glory”

moe.: No Guts, No GloryThe 11th studio album from moe., No Guts, No Glory, was supposed to have a completely different sound than the finished product.

“Everything we started out to do turned into completely something else. An album that was supposed to be an acoustic based album recorded in a barn turned into a hard rock album recorded in Connecticut with a hip-hop producer. Go figure. Typical moe.,” said Rob Derhak, who handles bass and vocals.

The group members credit producer Dave Aron with helping create a sound that emulates a show.

Check out this in-studio video for “Blond Hair and Blue Eyes” from the album:

No Guts, No Glory is available on CD, vinyl and digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3). The 2-LP vinyl edition and the iTunes deluxe edition also includes three bonus tracks: “Hey O,” “Mar De Ma,” and “Runaway Overlude.”

No Guts, No Glory Track List:

  1. Annihilation Blues
  2. White Lightning Turpentine
  3. This I Know
  4. Same Old Story
  5. Silver Sun
  6. Calyphornya
  7. Little Miss Cup Half Empty
  8. Blond Hair And Blue Eyes
  9. Do or Die
  10. The Pines And The Apple Tree
  11. Billy Goat

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