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Soundgarden Celebrates 20th Anniversary of “Superunknown”

Soundgarden: Superunknown 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe EditionIf you love not only the bass on Soundgarden’s classic album Superunknown, but also the numerous guitar tunings found there, you have bassist Ben Shepherd to thank for both.

And if you want to revisit the early 1990s Soundgarden sound in the best way possible, you can now with the 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of the 1994 release.

The set is available on four CDs and Blu-Ray Audio Disc, and on vinyl. The CD super-deluxe set features a hardbound book, liner notes by rock writer David Fricke, previously unseen photos and reimagined album art. The two-LP vinyl set is just the entire album pressed on 200-gram vinyl and includes a digital download card.

Previously unreleased demos, live versions of the album’s songs, alternate mixes and remixes are all available on this set that was chock-full of late-grunge-era hits like “My Wave,” “Fell on Black Days,” “Spoonman” and “Black Hole Sun.”

The Super Deluxe Set is available on CD, vinyl and for digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3.)

Superunknown 5-CD Super Deluxe Set Track List:

Disc One:

  1. Let Me Drown
  2. My Wave
  3. Fell on Black Days
  4. Mailman
  5. Superunknown
  6. Head Down
  7. Black Hole Sun
  8. Spoonman
  9. Limo Wreck
  10. The Day I Tried to Live
  11. Kickstand
  12. Fresh Tendrils
  13. 4th of July
  14. Half
  15. Like Suicide
  16. She Likes Surprises (Int’l Version & US 12″)

Disc Two:

  1. The Day I Tried to Live (Alternate Mix/Unreleased)
  2. Spoonman (Alternate Mix/Unreleased)
  3. Beyond the Wheel (Live)
  4. Fell on Black Days (Live)
  5. Birth Ritual (B-side Demo)
  6. Jesus Christ Pose (Live)
  7. Like Suicide (Acoustic)
  8. Kickstand (Live)
  9. My Wave (Live)
  10. Spoonman (Steve Fisk Remix)
  11. Exit Stonehenge
  12. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
  13. Black Days III (Originally Titled “Fell on Black Days (Demo — Early Version)”
  14. Ghostmotorfinger (Originally titled “Motorcycle Loop (Short Version)”
  15. Jerry Garcia’s Finger
  16. Fell on Black Days (Video Version)

Disc Three:

  1. Let Me Drown (Demos — Unreleased)
  2. Fell on Black Days (Demos — Unreleased)
  3. Superunknown (Demos — Unreleased)
  4. Black Hole Sun (Demos — Unreleased)
  5. Spoonman (Demos — Unreleased)
  6. Fresh Tendrils (Demos — Unreleased)
  7. 4th of July (Demos — Unreleased)
  8. Half (Demos — Unreleased)
  9. Like Suicide (Demos — Unreleased)

Disc Four:

  1. Black Hole Sun (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  2. Bing Bing Goes to Church (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  3. Half (Instrumentally) (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  4. Head Down (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  5. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  6. Let Me Drown (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  7. Limo Wreck (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  8. My Wave (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  9. Fresh Tendrils (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  10. Like Suicide (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  11. Ruff Riff-Raff (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  12. Exit Stonehenge (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  13. Spoonman (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  14. The Date I Tried to Leave (Rehearsals – Unreleased)
  15. The Day I Tried to Live (Rehearsals – Unreleased)

Disc Five:

  1. Let Me Drown (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  2. My Wave (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  3. Fell On Black Days (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  4. Mailman (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  5. Superunknown (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  6. Head Down (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  7. Black Hole Sun (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  8. Spoonman (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  9. Limo Wreck (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  10. The Day I Tried to Live (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  11. Kickstand (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  12. Fresh Tendrils (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  13. 4th of July (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  14. Half (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  15. Like Suicide (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)
  16. She Likes Surprises (Intl’l Version and US 12″) (Blu-Ray Audio 5.1 Mix)

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