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Hal Leonard Releases “Best Bass Lines Ever” Bass Play-Along Volume

Best Bass Lines Ever: Bass Play-Along Volume 46Hal Leonard has extended their “Bass Play-Along” series with the release of Best Bass Lines Ever: Bass Play-Along Volume 46.

As with all books in the Bass Play-Along series, Best Bass Lines Ever features tab, song audio and backing tracks.

The paperback edition comes with access to download/streaming audio to help you along.

Transcriptions include Rush’s “YYZ”, Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” Muse’s “Hysteria,” Yes’ “Roundabout,” Guns ’N Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” The Beatles’ “Taxman,” David Bowie & Queen’s “Under Pressure” and more.

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Muse’s ‘Hysteria’, not Def Leppard’s, surely?


Hey just a heads up, I’m pretty sure it’s Muse’s Hysteria not Def Leppard’s in the book.



Correction: Muse’s “Hysteria,” not Def Leppard’s.

Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown

It seems more like “Most Popular Bass Lines.” Good for beginners for sure, but modern bass playing got its start in jazz, there are tons of licks better than “Under Pressure” on Kind of Blue alone.

Jonatan Jansson (@TheJonisAbides)

must be Muse, not Def Leppard

Bassbooks need to be more up to date with what basslines are actually really rewarding to learn.



One guys boring is another guys rewarding. Depends on your skill/experience. I’m sure many people find these books helpful and/or challenging.



Hal Leonard presents:

“Bass Lines Everyone asks you to Play: Shut the Fuck Up! Edition One”

Marcel Osborne

greatest basslines/.gnr sweet child of mine : somebody’s telling porkies

sean G.

There’s such a huge range of technical/musical ability in these “Greatest” bass-lines here. I know Hal Leonard is in the business to make money, and with the plethora of information freely available on the Internet nowadays; but seriously? Including a Green Day song as “the best bass-line ever?” And, a beginner-to-intermediate player is going to be able to pull off many of these tunes, while even some advanced players can’t quite pull off “YYZ.” Truly, the best way to learn songs is to advance to the level of learning by ear and transcription. This book (and those similar) won’t get anybody, anywhere.