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Simon Fitzpatrick: “Let It Go” Solo Bass Performance

If you have young kids, you may have heard this song many more times than you’d like.

But we think you’ll appreciate this arrangement by Simon Fitzpatrick, who takes the song and performs one of his trademark solo bass arrangements.

If you dig this, Simon has released an album featuring 12 solo bass tunes.

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Andrew Rosciszewski

Nice arrangement. Looks challenging, do you have it notated?

Daniel Bass

Nice! Everything this guy does is amazing.


Do you play piccolo bass? cuz your bass tone and look , sounds different from what i’ve heard from a 6 string bass…(mmm..i’m a retard).



I don’t have anything like Simon’s technique and have never really done any solo bass stuff. That said, I think I could play this inside out. Understand, I am not underestimating the challenge, it’s just that my eldest son has crow-bared this song into my DNA. I know other parents that don’t play an instrument, who could probably conduct it fot symphony orchestra



Now that I think about it. If Simon has kids, I recon this is involuntary. It’s just what comes out every time he tries to play roundabout!