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Trip Wamsley: Redneck Monolith

This song is about as crazy as you might expect from its title. Trip Wamsley dishes up some ear-bending music in this solo bass piece called “Redneck Monolith,” which he recently recorded as part of Gallien-Krueger’s series of artist videos.

While the bassist plays music that many of us could only dream of accomplishing, he stays humble in the approach to his style. “[When it comes to style], I did look and do look at what everyone else is doing and I try to NOT do that,” he shared in our New School interview. “[It] forces me to look at other things in other ways. When hired for a gig, I do my best to make myself an asset and not an ass. I also compose music that uses no bass guitar. The music is me. Always. I’m interested in being Trip Wamsley. He’s the creature I inhabit. I try to stand on the shoulders of giants, not to hide behind them and taunt the others on the musical playground.”

GK also interviewed Wamsley about his musical upbringing and what he’s up to nowadays:

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