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  • Trip Wamsley Releases “Shibboleth”

    Trip Wamsley Releases “Shibboleth”

    Trip Wamsley has released Shibboleth, a new solo album featuring three drummers alongside the bassist performing everything else. “Shibboleth” is defined as “a word or saying used by adherents of a party, sect, or belief and usually regarded by others as empty of real meaning.” “Does it meaning anything?” Wamsley asks. “Is it realistic or... »

  • BassTheWorld: 29 Bassists in 1 Video

    BassTheWorld: 29 Bassists in 1 Video

    The internet is a wonderful thing. Gregor Fris from put together this epic bass jam with 29 bassists from all over the world for a stunning display of the instrument’s diversity. The bassists in order of appearance are Federico Malaman, Lars Lehmann, Trip Wamsley, Or Lubianiker, Hyunmo Kim (aka “hjfreaks”), Ralf Gauck, Zander Zon,... »

  • Trip Wamsley and Clarence “Klue” Lewis: Drum and Bass Jam

    Trip Wamsley and Clarence “Klue” Lewis: Drum and Bass Jam

    Sometimes there’s a mind-meld that happens between bassists and drummers. I’m pretty sure it’s happening here between bassist Trip Wamsley and drummer Clarence “Klue” Lewis. »

  • Trip Wamsley: Redneck Monolith

    Trip Wamsley: Redneck Monolith

    This song is about as crazy as you might expect from its title. Trip Wamsley dishes up some ear-bending music in this solo bass piece called “Redneck Monolith,” which he recently recorded as part of Gallien-Krueger’s series of artist videos. While the bassist plays music that many of us could only dream of accomplishing, he... »

  • BassUp! 2012

    BassUp! 2012

    BassUp! is returning for 2012 this year on November 10th. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, the annual bass festival will focus on solo bass with performances by players from around the country. Bassists for the event include Trip Wamsley, Edo Castro, Darren Michaels, Scott Fernandez, Myron Bennell Carroll, Aaron Gibson, Brittany Frompovich, Russ Rodgers, Craig Shaw,... »

  • New School: Trip Wamsley

    New School: Trip Wamsley

    Trip Wamsley has been pushing the convention of bass playing for years by experimenting with extended range basses, piccolo tuning, and out-of-this world technique. He’s one of those guys who can seemingly play anything with ease. Besides his phenomenal playing, his style is creativity knows no bounds. His creativity is found in his supportive bass... »

  • Trip Wamsley: Non-A-06

    Trip Wamsley: Non-A-06

    It has been a while since we featured bassist Trip Wamsley, which is not good. Recorded almost four years ago to the day, here’s Trip performing a house concert, playing a fretless bass in such a unique way… looping, laying it down and soloing – all while keeping it very musical. »

  • Legoland Empire Releases EP Featuring Trip Wamsley

    Legoland Empire Releases EP Featuring Trip Wamsley

    Bassist Trip Wamsley shared on his Facebook page that Legoland Empire has released Guard the Point, a new 4-track EP on Bandcamp. Wamsley, whose playing on the album ranges from funky grooves to gnarly distorted riffs, describes the album as masterminded by former Wild Cherry bassist Allen Wentz. The group also includes Neil Alexander on... »

  • Trip Wamsley: Chicken Boy

    Trip Wamsley: Chicken Boy

    Here’s one of my favorite tunes by solo bassist Trip Wamsley: “Chicken Boy”! »

  • Trip Wamsley: Huevos Con Dios

    Check out Trip Wamsley and his extended range bass, in this live performance of “Huevos Con Dios”. The tune is also on Trip’s CD, Curve. »