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Cheikh Ndoye Group: “Alchemy”, Live at the Kennedy Center

Check out this video of Cheikh Ndoye’s electrifying performance on his tune “Alchemy.” Taken from a performance at the prestigious Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, the song brings together world music and classic jazz fusion with an unstoppable groove.

Ndoye takes the first solo, utilizing a pitch shifter to get add a cool texture to his blistering lines. The rest of the band includes Tosin Aribisala on drums, Dan Leonard on guitar, Chris Fisher on piano, and Darryl Brenzel on sax.

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Michael Hamer

This makes me want to aspire to play fusion again! This is a great display of all of their abilities. The composition is really nice, also! I’d like to hear these guys live!



I love this
I am sure Joseph Zawinul would love this too