Carol Kaye Gives Gene Simmons a Bass Lesson

Here’s something I never thought I’d see. Studio legend Carol Kaye gave KISS bassist Gene Simmons an impromptu bass lesson at Sunset Sound studios in Hollywood, and luckily cameras were rolling to catch it.

The clip is an outtake from the 2012 documentary Sample This. After showing off a few licks, Simmons points out a particular passage he wants to learn, and Kaye obliges.

“I’m teaching him how to play bass… isn’t that funny?” Kaye laughs.

We think so.

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  1. Art

    good stuff. we can all learn from each other. i imagine that there are some things that Gene plays that Carol could learn from.

    • Fish

      Gene sucks, without his cosplay gimick, he is worse than the Judas Priest bassist… get to the back Gene…

      • Vinny

        I think you could say anything about Gene… except that he’s a bad bass player!

      • Mark

        Come on now, every body loved Kiss when the came out. Hell, all the Eagles suck, but together they made a great band. Not including Joe Walsh, he’s just to cool.

        • Steven Lohring

          No way. All of The Eagles have always been good musicians. Maybe not the most amazing musicians but they were more musical than many other groups of their genre and generation and definitely some of the best songwriters of their era.

        • I didn’t. Saw them as evidence that all you needed was backing. Heard them in a rehearsal studio on W. 55th St., and couldn’t believe what a bunch of knuckleheads they were; literally couldn’t get through 3 bars of whatever song, and then off in space/showoff land. Then a manager dude came in and gave them each their 3-400 bucks, plus, to tide them until the big show (three days away), My mouth must have dropped open. I was right around when they hit . . .

      • He has accomplished a lot more than any of you playing his bass. I don’t care how good you think you are, if you haven’t accomplished anything from playing your instrument, you’re basically useless. That’s how he sees all of you. So if you want to judge…

        • JakeoClubs

          If your only reply is “He has accomplished a lot more than any of you,” then you are more useless. You can’t even have an original thought. It is perfectly legitimate to view a person’s ability, even if you are not as talented. And selling a lot of records does not mean you are a virtuoso or especially talented at your craft. It often happens that the extremely talented do not sell as much because the average audience can’t appreciate it.

          That being said, I think he picks it up pretty quickly. And he can play, he just isn’t Carole Kaye.

          Your response is just lame, fan-boy, wanna-be, posing garbage. Forgive the name-calling, but I had to put it in those terms so you could understand.

        • Michael Kurzhal

          Oh yeah Joey give them hell, Jean is a very accomplished businessman he’s put out some of the best tunes that we all had when we were kids, he puts on the stage show. No he’s not one of the top five bass players in the world I don’t think he ever claim to be. But Joey like you said he’s a lot more accomplished than any of you that are giving him a bunch of flack. How much are you worth you guys that are putting Jean down he’s worth $300 million do you think he’s a stupid crappy bass player and made that much money.? Come on you guys cut down Gene’s playing ability, but you know what to be at that caliber you have to be thinking much of yourself you Gotta have an attitude to get it to where he’s gotten. If you’re going to be a Puss and say yeah I’m not that great and no I’m not that great on stage well then you’re not gonna accomplish anything kind of like all either backstabbing Gene!!There’s not another person on earth that doesn’t like Gene Simmons not one. What’s up with this Abbath Doom idiot what rock did he crawl out from underneath of. Talk about some terrible musicians I mean really it’s all about Functioning hell. Get off the stage

        • Michael

          Bass playing has evolved a lot since 1973, gene Simmons is no Getty Lee, but he’s a part of a band that influence people like dime bag Darrell and Vinnie Paul some of the greatest musicians on this earth as far as metal goes. Give Jean Simmons a little bit of credit man actually give them a lot of credit he deserves it. Y’all go back to work and start flapping those baselines. Instead of your mouse writing checks your ass can’t cash.

    • Steven Lohring

      Nothing on bass he could teach her. But he could show her how to be a pompous jerk.

    • Gene has had a career in music for 40 years and still plays like he’s wearing oven mitts. Carol can play circles around that Klown.

  2. Charlie

    Seems like you’re trying to show Gene in a bad light here, surely it’s great that even somebody who’s been playing bass as long as he has is still looking to learn?

    • Why do you say that? I don’t see a single thing Kevin wrote that he was putting Gene in a bad light.

    • Roger Rabbitleg

      Gene has never claimed to be a great bassist…Business/Marketing genius on the other hand…

  3. Ryan Brown

    It’s funny because Gene Simmons sucks

  4. Although it’s great he’s still looking to learn, I never realised Gene was quite so limited in his ability to play bass.

    Nevertheless, Carol is a legend, and she could show anybody alive a thing or two.

  5. Fred J

    The man is humble enough to admit that he wants to learn something and asks to be shown the lick. I applaud that.

  6. Mike Matthews

    Man, that was awesome. Kind of funny actually. I was smiling the whole time. They are both rock n’ roll history !!!

  7. A lot of rock musicians play well in spite of something in the way they play. Gene wastes a huge amount of energy with his constantly changing left hand position. It’s obviously got the job done for what he’s wanted to do, but there are limits to what can be accomplished like that.

  8. Charlie said, “Seems like you’re trying to show Gene in a bad light here, surely it’s great that even somebody who’s been playing bass as long as he has is still looking to learn?”

    Jeff Berlin answered: Music instantly shows the truth of our playing. No one tries to embarrass anyone when one teaches them new concepts. No one tries to show anyone in a bad light. One’s musical ability are always clear from the first note. Music makes the truth of us all instantly known and instantly heard.

    • Dave White

      awesome reply Jeff. You’re absolutely right, however, music can be learned and with practice (lots of it), we can overcome many of our musical shortcomings. I applaud Gene realizing the genius that is Carol, and truly getting interested in a different genre of music and wanting to learn.

  9. I bet he is a little embarrassed about this video coming to light !! I dont even think he knows about it yet. but its now gone Viral so theres nothing he can do about it !!!
    Carol is a living Bass Legend. Gene is just a Music Branding Mogul and a rock bassist.
    but Hats off to Both of them !

    • Haji

      “Just” a music branding mogul? Gene changed how bands are marketed and merchandised almost single-handedly. Nobody saw the potential and put it into action before him.

      As to being “a rock bassist”, I would like one night to play in front of the crowd he does every show, every time Kiss plays. Kudos to him being in a place to get a lesson from Carole Kaye. Most of the world will never get that opportunity.

      If you’re (the collective “you”, not singling one person out) not a Kiss fan, well that’s up to you. I’m not. However, its undeniable that Gene has been exceptionally successful at what he does. Give him the credit he’s due.

  10. Bill

    You’re never too old or too good to learn!

  11. Embarassed? I’m not sure the man’s felt a moment of shame in his adult life. My hat’s off to him for learning.

  12. Adrian Julius

    Carol & the Wrecking Crew!!!! then add KISS!!! awesome

  13. The comments here are far more amusing than the video. I especially enjoy the disdainful use of the phrase “rock bassist” and the attempts to diagnose Gene’s limitations as a musician.

    I’m not a Kiss fan, but based on what I’ve heard, his bass lines serve the band’s songs very well. I doubt that “Rock and Roll All Nite” or “Detroit Rock City” would sound better if Gene was playing inverted jazz chords or raking or what have you.

  14. Love Gene but that hair needs some conditioner ..Was at show on 5th fkn rocked….

  15. You are only as good as your last paycheck. Gene is the best Kiss bassist; Carol Kaye is a studio goddess.

  16. Mark

    Genes a better bassist than Dusty Hill, Nikki Sixx, Cliff Williams and many more

  17. He’s nowhere near her class……

  18. Andreas Brix

    He should keep his thumb behind the neck…

  19. JamesR

    What song is Carol teaching Gene

  20. Kevin

    Two different school’s off bass! You have Gene Simmons playing Donald “Duck” Dunn! Gene has played with a pick his whole life, nothing wrong with that, it’s just a totally different way to play than finger- style. One isn’t better than the other. They differ in style. Carol Kaye is a legend who has played on so many recordings never receiving credit as a member of “The Wrecking Crew”. There are certain numbers that Gene plays that are very impressive. To put down a bass player because he is in KISS, or doesn’t slap the string is nothing but envy! You can’t fake the bass, you either hold down the rhythm or find a new passion.

  21. Imre

    Gene sucks? Not as a bass player. There is a LOT of good bass lines on the 70s kiss records. He has lost the creativity of those days, but he can still play.

    • Kirk

      Agreed, Imre…he’s no great innovator or anything, but most players aren’t – even a lot of the great ones. You can do far worse than Gene Simmons as far as bass playing goes ( and obviously you can do far better). I was thinking as I watched this video that that lick would be a lot easier to play with fingers…of course that’s probably just showing my personal bias

  22. bvdon

    Gene is a great entertainer… he knows just enough to get the job done on bass for Kiss. But all other things… stage antics, marketing, visionary… I think we all need to humble ourselves. Bass ain’t everything :)

  23. Not trying to sound like a know-it-all, but I find it crazy that nobody in this thread seems to get that he never actually learned the part correctly in this video. Yes, he learned a reasonable facsimile with all the correct notes, but the rhythm in those octaves is what she was trying to get him to learn. And he played the correct notes, just rhythmically backwards. People tend to think they hear notes and rhythms that sound correct and assume they are, but aren’t (yes, I do it too). You must dig into the part to really know. And I think that was her whole point in this video.

    Of course, this is a special case. She is teaching him a very specific line. In “real life” when you’re out gigging, a lot of times you can augment the musicality of the song by playing bass lines that are altered both rhythmically and/or note-wise while still supporting the band and creating a groove. Although improv and inventing are mostly reserved for lines that aren’t hard-set in stone (think songs like California Girls, When I Come Around, Fire [The Ohio Players], Suck My Kiss, etc. for hard set basslines).

    And I’m not being critical here at all. Everybody has their things they need to work on. I guess I just figured more people would be talking about what he actually did or didn’t do correctly.

  24. SCOTT

    Hate = Jealousy. Get a life. As if Gene would care what anyone here thinks.

  25. Johnny

    It amazes me how critical we are. Dee Dee Ramone wasn’t a virtuoso but he got the job done. Gene Simmons got the job at hand done. It’s rock n roll we’re talking about here. He’s not Jaco but he never had to be.

  26. Oh I see...

    I thought singers were the elitist cunts? These comments have shown me otherwise. Too bad everyone doesn’t use their full name so we can find out where their cover band’s gig is this weekend.

    • Johnny


    • Jenny Jensen-Howard

      Don;t appreciate the “C” reference, but I agree with you! Geesh…can’t everyone just enjoy this and what a hoot is is for us to watch and for them to enjoy! Social media has become so, well, un social! Get over yourselves people! They are both laughing to the bank!

    • Grendel

      I do appreciate the cunt reference. Kuddos.

  27. Chris

    Ya know, I’ve long heard it said there were a lot of Kiss songs where either Paul Stanley or Ace Frehley actually played bass. Watching this clip makes me wonder if the Paul or Ace didn’t play ALL of the bass lines on ALL of the Kiss records! ;)

    • Haji

      “They” always say that. Stay at it long enough and you’ll hear that somebody else played on Jaco’s solo records.

    • Vin

      No actually, there were only a few tracks in the later years that Ace and Paul played bass on. And that didn’t happen until the late seventies. Until then, it was all Gene on bass. (I’ve done a lot of digging on this subject) The first ever “fill in” was for Ace on a track from 1976. There were two versions, one with him and one without. Not sure of the fine details, but the “fill in” was used on the studio album. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Gene played rhythm guitar on some later recordings as well as bass.

  28. Lefty Russ

    To all the “purist snobs” that hate on other bassists because they use a pick, I only have two words: Carol Kaye. You can’t say she isn’t a real bassist. I’m a finger guy, but watching her makes me want to experiment with a pick. Very cool.

    • Evan Davis

      adding two more words… Steve Swallow.

      • Kev

        Bobby Vega!

      • ralf

        First saw Steve Swallow play @ the Fillmore in the late ’60s @ a “guitar summit” show…he was with Gary Burton & Larry Coryell playnig URB (the first time I’d seen THAT!)…the other bands were Electric Flag with Mie Bloomfield on guitar…Harvey Brooks on bass…and CREAM with (you know who). Coulda been a BASS SUMMIT as well!!!

        As far as Gene Simmons is concerned, put it in the pocket man! (I’ve been thumpin’ for 50 years, and would DIE for a lesson from Ms. Kaye!!)

    • Haji

      Hat’s off to her! I experiment with a pick and find out every time I do that I suck with a pick.. :D

  29. Don Tillman

    At least he has the clarity to find her and choose to get lessons from her. There are many musicians that lack the chutzpah to do that. Keep on with the lessons Gene! : )

  30. Carol Keye is an actual idol of mine; her work with Brian Wilson is remarkable.
    I am so glad to see her in action, especially teaching another bass player.

  31. Phil

    I’ve always thought Gene was a good bass player. This is one of my favorite bass lines of his, and a favorite song in general. “Goin’ Blind” from their Unplugged show. :)

  32. Lucius Marcus

    i’ve been playing music professionally for 20 years including a Berklee degree (fwiw i don’t need snide comments on that front) and you can’t tell me the Gene Simmons sucks. Picked up a complicated bass line quickly and understood the syncopated nuances. Some big loser comments on here. Must not like his politics so need to attack him personally.

  33. Marc

    Not a fan of mr. Simmons. I’m not saying he is a bad bassplayer. But the difference between these two… He is so sloppy compared to her.

  34. SG Nightingale

    betcha Geddy could have picked it up quicker…and without a pick…..just sayin’

  35. I am sure to get blasted but….Reading all these comments and what strikes me as interesting is how everybody puts Carol on this legend and goddess stature. I wonder if everyone would have this same opinion if it was a male instead of a female. I see countless videos on here where the bassists blow her out of the water but you don’t see the same love or even close to it. Is she good at her style, yup, but she isn’t THAT special. Gene has a specific style that works within the music he plays that she would need to learn if she was put on the spot too. Gene is actually quite the musician who is fluent on several instruments besides the bass and has an incredible ear for chords.

    • Hey Jay, not blasting at all, but Carol Kaye IS a legend. 10,000 or so recordings in her career! The chances that someone hasn’t heard Carol’s playing is close to zero. She’s a remarkable musician and a terrific educator.

      That said, some of the comments about Gene here are disappointing. We love covering bass and bass players. We’ve heard from many readers who say Gene Simmons was the reason they picked up the bass in the first place. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but not worthy of the bashing, IMO.

    • Show me a video where someone is blowing her out of the water. I’ve yet to see it.

  36. Steve

    I was a litle surprised that he had trouble feeling the downbeat on the upper octave note. Then again, most KISS music has the bass playing pretty heavy roots on the downbeat so…

    I don’t think that KISS fans (or even KISS themselves) have any dilutions of their skill level. They play how they play and what they play and it has made them rich and famous and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    Still, I think it is cool to see Gene wanting to try/learn something out of his comfort zone.

    I would also bet that he was not unaware of a camera operating in his presence.

  37. AAnimal

    You can all say what you want about Gene, but fact is he is the fucking demon and he is a phenomenal bassist. Only pussies don’t like Gene. Facts!

  38. Say what you want about Gene but both of these bassist come from different Genre’s and Gene has a legacy of good rock songs out there that will be around well after he is gone. Suck or not I wouldn’t mind having a legacy like that :)

  39. steve komito

    Gene has never claimed to be anything more than a average bass player. I actually think it’s kind of neat that he’s willing to humble himself to be willing to learn. Carol is an all-time great. What’s not to learn????

  40. Dub A

    I don’t play an instrument. I don’t like KISS. Frankly I had never heard of Kaye. For me, the video is interesting because of Simmons’ humility and willingness to learn. His persona has always been one of the oversized ego and it was nice to see him in a different light.

  41. Wow…’s funny to watch all the vitriol from the peanut gallery. Gene is an great entertainer and great musician. WHY? Because he can write music that millions want to hear. No matter your opinion of his technical prowess, the ability to write music that touches many people from all walks of life, is the real talent. If you cannot appreciate that accomplishment as a musician, you really are out of touch with the real joy of being a musician.

  42. JC

    just a great moment.

  43. White Devil

    Gene is an entertainer who plays bass well. Carol is a studio musician who gets paid to be a bassist . It’s like Apples and Tomatoes… Sure they are both delicious and red, but neither looks or tastes like the other.

  44. 37 years ago, i was intrested in bassplaying just because Gene Simmons. I dident know anything about bass, but i thought he was cool. So I started playing bass.
    But it sounds a little different this day´s.
    But i started with Gene how inspired me, thats really fun, smile.
    37 years later: See the link:

    All the best Magnus

  45. Gene is good at what he does, and yet is willing to learn something new. The thing she is showing him is NOT easy. Most rock players don’t play with that kind feel. She is showing him what a simple change of putting the high octave on a different part of the beat makes the bass line come to life. It seems like such a simple and easy thing, but for people who have been playing on nothing but the downbeat their whole life, it is a major step that most would never bother to learn. Gene was willing, and gets it way faster than I would have.

    And anyone who wants to bash Gene, all I can say is DETROIT ROCK CITY. He does play that bass line, and it is one of the coolest rock bass lines ever, so BITE ME!

  46. All hail the QUEEN !!! Carol Kaye is the real deal .Amazing studio musician & amazing talent .

  47. You are all spiteful tongues, I’m quite sure even the great Jeff Berlin would be honored to received a bass lesson from the lady.

    No ? :D

  48. DK Gibson

    His bank account says He’s the best within his own element

  49. Reader

    Who’s Carol Kaye?

  50. Adam Power

    I heard that Gene has slept with about 10….maybe up to 20 women over his entire career!…..:/

  51. andreazermeno17

    Interesting comments here : ) I took lessons from Carol Kaye for a year in my twenties. I also impersonate Gene Simmons in a KissTribute Band. I never was a big Kiss but joined the band for the work and money. And after learning over 30 Kiss tunes is can say Gene is no Slouch on the Bass. There are many deep album Kiss cuts that only a true Kiss fan would know about that have clever and fun bass lines. If you think about it, Gene taking some pointers from Carol is perfect. She created wonderful bass line for pop/rock tunes. Underneath all the make up and being a marketing Mogul, Gene is a fine rock bass player who’s humble enough to always learn something new. And yes Carol teaches you to use the ring finger and pinky in combination for strength. The line that she shows him here is from Joe Cocker’s “Feelin Alright” that she recorded on and one of the first lines she taught me. : )

    • Keith McTaggart

      Such a cool story. Totally agree. Best of luck to you.

  52. Frank Grimes

    What is that song gene plays at the end and carole starts singing it’s on the tip of my tongue but i can’t remember for the life of me. driving me nuts!

    • andrea zermeno

      That’s ” I can’t turn you loose” and the Blues Brothers do a pumped up version for their Intro.

  53. I have been playing for quite a few years and a year or so ago began to really hear how many recording Carol has been involved with and I’m sure I caught a very modest percentage. The real bottom line is can the bassist involved get the job done for the music being played? If so, then he/she has accomplished their task. They put the music first. Gene kicks it for KISS. He holds down the bottom. Our job, right?

  54. Mike

    Carol Kaye is obviously a brilliant musician and far more knowledgeable that Gene is. Having said that, Gene has played in front of millions upon millions of rabid Kiss fans for 40 years. Yes, he’s more entertainer than bass player…but he sings and plays while putting on a show, which is quite a skill. He may not be a virtuoso, but he doesn’t suck if we’re comparing apples to apples here. Compare him with Jaco, sure he sucks. Compare him with other typical rock players, he’s above average. So I suppose the question is, whose career would you rather have, Carol Kaye’s or Gene Simmons? How many non musicians know who Carol Kaye is? Now, how many non musicians know who Gene Simmons is? It’s no contest, but then again neither should it be a contest. Of course, this video was put up to provoke such discussion, right?

  55. I think this video is awesome. Carol is so cool. I met her once at NAMM in the lobby of the Hilton while waiting in line at Starbucks. Really nice lady and it was great to talk to a legend.

    Say what you want about his persona or politics but before anyone bashes Gene as a bassist, people should do their homework and listen to all of the classic KISS albums from the 70’s (not just the hits). He played solid, melodic lines and served the needs of KISS’s music quite well. No more, no less.

    I said this on the Facebook page and I’ll say it here: Has anyone here come up with a bass part as memorable as the one on “Detroit Rock City”? Think about that for a minute Gene-bashers. (That song has never left the radio since it was released in 1976.)

  56. Loved the video, what impressed me is that Gene wanted to learn the riff. He could have been an ass and said whatever, but he liked what Carol was playing and asked her to show him. He got genuinely excited at one part and said it was sweet. That’s cool. Gene rocks!

  57. Ericdgrossman

    Whatever you want to say about him, Gene is Rock royalty. Not many bands have had the staying power of Kiss, love them or hate them. Also, while not a technically great player, some of Gene’s bass parts are great, and fit what Kiss does perfectly. I would love to have had a career like his. This is a cool video of a cool moment. Carol is a legend.

  58. Richard C Autorina

    Gene Simmons is A Rock Bassist who’s influenced by the British Invasion and Motown style bassists. Listen to his chops on KISS Monster and you will here what he is capable of doing. No he doesn’t slap, he is a pick player With Paul Mcartney as his original bass hero. Any knocking Simmons.. Do your homework and listen to Monster first

  59. get rid of the pick and learn to play bass.

    • andrea zermeno

      Not sure Dan if you’re referring to Carol or Gene. Because Carol plays with a pick as well. I played for 12 years with fingers before I picked up a pick and may never had if I didn’t have to. The beautiful thing I discovered is the different sounds and attack you can get from a pick. Especially for recording. Some great players that used a pick are; Peter Cetera, Phill Lynott and yes Carol Kaye. Hell even John Paul Jones used a pick on several songs. ( Whole lotta Love ) I used both fingers and pick depending on the song and style. And I’m glad I stuck with it . Learning to play with a pick is a pain in the ass if you are used to fingers but eventually you’ll get it. Good to know both.

    • Carlguitar69

      He does both. So reel ya neck in plec fascist :p

    • JD Ryan

      Really? Tell that to McCartney, Squire, and Lesh.

  60. colin

    I remember a time when” guitar player” got thrashed by its readers for interviewing kiss !

  61. Carlguitar69

    Same ol, same ol…’Oh I’m so amazing on bass that I have to slag off Gene Simmons coz’ he’s so shit but yet so successful’. Internet idiots everywhere unite! Then kill yourselves….

  62. Some of these comments are ridiculous. Gene doesn’t NEED to play bass like some member of Primus, Rush or Infectious Grooves… he writes good MUSIC and plays SOLID bass which is all most fans want. It’s the dummies that think intricacy and speed make a “more deserving” musician… that’s stupid. Nirvana could barely play their instruments and became the second Beatles. Korn has ZERO leads. Willie strums out his songs. Very few people even think about the things you criticize Gene for. He is a rock God and a financial genius. You are NOTHING BUT jealous. And it shows.

  63. JEdgarGroover

    There are two groups of people in this thread: People who love Kiss, and people who know a good bassist when they hear one. Gene Simmons is not a good bass player. He’s awful, really. Horrible technique, awful approach. He’s a great performer, a brilliant marketer, and is kind enough to let some sort of wild animal live on his head. But if you know anything about the bass, you’ll know that he stinks.

  64. andrea zermeno

    That is such a blanket statement. JE Groover. Clearly many people have commented here that don’t “love” Kiss but that they can appreciate what Gene does. I don’t think Gene cares at all if anyone thinks he has a bad technique. he’s been doing fine all these years with that technique. Bad approach? Really? What he plays fits his music quite well. In fact what he doesn’t play is what’s cool. have a listen to “Watching you” on Kiss alive. he lays out and comes back in so nicely after the second chorus during the riff/motif that it makes the song pop. And that’s just one of many examples. isn’t that what our job is as bass players is to create a framework that supports the rest of the band without stepping all over it? This is not jazz it’s simple rock and roll. In my opinion Gene has an awesome approach to the material he plays on. yes opinions are like assholes’ ” everyone’s got one” agreed. But once you’ve covered over 30 Kiss tunes on bass ( and play what he plays not what you think should be played) and you don’t get a bonner when it’s time to lay out just before one of genes cleverly placed glisses… then maybe your Dick is just dead. Sorry if that’s harsh. I’ve have tried to be impartial and polite in this thread but I’m done. It’s just too douchy for me….Peace.

  65. I love seeing people complaining about how Gene lost his creativity when these people complaining haven’t created anything since the last time they finger painted.

  66. Carol Kaye is amazing! I just saw Kiss live Wednesday night in Tampa and I was very impressed with the bass playing of Gene Simmons. He nailed the fills on “I love it loud” and “Detroit rock city” and did some great walking bass on “love gun”. He punctuated a lot of songs with tasty McCartney-esque trilling on the upper reaches of the fretboard. Doing all of this with great stage presence is no easy task!

  67. kev

    billy sheehan is a “rock musician” ditto geddy lee,steve harris,stu ham,andy west,john paul jones, et al. as to ian hill,michael anthony (groove/hold the line style players) where the fuuuu7uk would smokin,riffin bass fit in a judas priest or van halen song. just cos u think u could fit more notes i is exactly why u dont hav and couldnt keep that kinda gig. serve the song,not ur inner vic wooten

  68. Fred

    Gene gets a bass lesson.

    Only one?

  69. Why does Gene look like Adam Sandler’s Opera man character on SNL?

  70. Charles

    OMG, Gene get rid of that awful wig.

  71. That’s about right. This guy is great at business and flying around the stage, but as a bass player he’s all garage band.

  72. Dave

    Sad thing is the downbeat is NOT on the higher strings like Carol is saying. That octave lick starts on the ‘and’ of beat one. She is a studio bassist, not a teacher so…

  73. Roger Rabbitleg

    I have yet to meet a musician that claimed to know everything about his craft.

  74. I envy her… old, but gold… maybe I try to convince her to teach me playing bass when I randomly finding her.
    I’m not joking! I’m a fluke paying bass!

  75. Florin

    De toata jena .Tine degetele de parca ar avea o lopata in mana .

  76. Sebastian

    Funny… I never saw this number of comments on others No Treble featured videos, and I don’t think it’s because of Carol Kaye (love her, btw).
    It shows how much impact Gene’s work caused, not only in bass community, but in pop culture.

  77. Lighten up people….God I hate snobs. Carol was one of my early heroes : )

  78. Jimbo33

    All the critical commemts! Did not know there were so many undiscovered experts in the world. Gene’s talent is not an issue here. The video is great ! Two talented and very successfull musicians. That’s much more than can be said of all the critical commentators!

  79. Carol Kaye is amazing and I’d love a 5 minute lesson with her. She could show me more in 5 minutes then I’ve learned in 30 years.

  80. Keith McTaggart

    What ever limitations Gene might have as a bass player, he can never be called stupid. He would be stupid not to take an opportunity to learn something from one the all time greats. Besides, also being a drummer, I have come across certain figures that don’t come naturally and have to be slowed right down until I get them. I think Gene did just fine. People should get off their high horses and keep the negativity out of it.

  81. RBalentine

    Most of these responses are typical of immature musicians, in that they wanna rip other players instead of enjoying the moment. I met Carol, we swapped riffs, and she was very gracious. I would do the same with Gene. Nice clip Kevin thank you.

  82. bass21

    Your a great Bass player when you start playing Bass with your fingers.

  83. Splendidanomaly

    Next: Gene Simmons teachers Carole Kaye how to do her make-up!

  84. dwoz

    well…ok. Here’s the deal: Simmons plays Gibsons. Kaye plays with a pick and a foam mute. I think that just about puts them BOTH in second-class status! :)

    Seriously though…

    I think Jeff Berlin’s comments pretty well suffice (like that’s a surprise.) But to put my own spin on it…here are two legends-in-their-own-right, interacting within their sphere of commonality, and it’s endearing and a kind of special moment. We should enjoy.

    I grew up as a bassist who interpreted Jaco as being the Second Coming of the Son Himself…and yet when Jaco would do his later-life drug-addled careenings through the halls of Berklee in Boston, making a complete idiot of himself, it didn’t diminish the majesty of his (previous) contributions to the world of music.

    I’ve been acquainted with Carol…and she can be quite parochial in her thinking about bass and how to play it…she’s certainly a product of her milieu…but she’s a complete gem.

    I also grew up in the era where Kiss went “splat” into our world (like it or not) and Simmons was a ground-breaker in his own right. Certainly he won’t be tagged by history as one of the “seminal influences” but he owns a place in the lists, SOMEWHERE in the lists.

  85. Teaflax

    I believe Gene Simmons is the bass player for Kiss, not KISS – it’s not an acronym (despite what some religious freaks tried to imply back in the 80s).

  86. Reading a lot of the negative comments on here. Some of you guys are starting to sound like…(gasps)…guitarists! *shudders*

  87. Roger McGoon

    Hey Gene, the Golem wants his hair back!

  88. Brian P Keane

    She was a part of the Wrecking Crew….I always thought the Good Vibrations bass lead was too complicated for Brian Wilson..Alas Carol Kaye…I do observe some Motowns James Jamerson in Carol playing. ps, Gene’s Jack Bruce playing is grasping….

  89. Jerome Brandy

    Carol assumes that Gene knows what “the downbeat” is when correcting him. How cute…learn from a true icon, Gene! :)

  90. MrRedSter

    Gene Simmons is a brilliant marketeer and showman, and he knows how to make a band successful. But he is not a good bass player. I’m not talking about the fact that he isn’t flashy and just plays basic bass lines, which is true. That would be okay. But I’ve listened to enough live performances of him on YouTube to see and hear that his timing is all over the place, and he is pretty ham-fisted both with his fretting and his playing hand that he gets a lot of rattle and buzz from the strings, which is a really fundamental playing problem. Simmons and Kiss did exactly what they set out to do, entertained millions of people, worked hard, and put on good shows. So I say, good on them. Just don’t try to tell me they were good musicians.