Scott Varney: Slow Down

Here’s an example of a singer/songwriter doing it right. The very talented Scott Varney builds his song “Slow Down” all by himself with a bass, a djembe, his voice and a looper.

After getting a serious groove and sweet backup vocals going, Varney adds his lyrics overtop while comping chords on his bass. Make sure to check out the Sublime teaser he throws in towards the end, too.

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  1. Al Gates


  2. Samuel Iun

    A very chill jam. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear a solo piece that is musical, and not focused on the ‘technical’. Keep it up!

    • So glad that comes across, Definitely one of my goals is to use the bass as a songwriting instrument and allow it to be musical even while technical to allow everyone to enjoy it. Thanks so much!

  3. I like the sound.

  4. Edwin

    Sweet! Damn that was cool!

  5. Rob Doane

    Very cool. Very musical. Love the Sublime break too!

  6. VERY cool. You are a very talented musician, Scott.

  7. aaahh…goddamn totally dig it :)

  8. David R

    What a great sound! Love the combo of instruments and a groove to die for. Lovely – well done, sir!