OZZtosh Introduces LUMA Aluminum Body Bass

OZZtosh LUMA Aluminum Body Bass

OZZtosh unveiled their latest creation, the LUMA Bass, at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, Tennessee last week. The bass follows suit with the rest of their LUMA series and is CNC machined from a 6061 solid aluminum billet. The instrument is then hand polished and assembled in the U.S.

Weighing in at 8.7 pounds, the LUMA is P-style bass that can be fitted with either Seymour Duncan or Lace Alumitone Pickups, although the company explains any standard size pickup will fit.

The neck can be made of maple with a rosewood fretboard, or a Moses Graphite neck can be installed. Other features include a triple lock down Hipshot bridge, Sperzl tuners and an SKB case.

The OZZtosh LUMA Bass is available for order now with a direct price of $7,295.

OZZtosh LUMA Bass Photos:

OZZtosh LUMA Bass Specs:

Body:6061 Solid Aluminum
Weight: 8.7 lbs
Neck:Maple with Rosewood Fretboard or Moses Graphite
Pickups:Seymour Duncan or Lace Alumitone
Bridge:Triple Lock Down Hipshot Bridge
Case:Travel-ready SKB Guitar Case
Finish:Hand-finished Metallic Gloss; Custom body finishes available

For more information:
OZZtosh Luma Guitars

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  1. brownbear

    Tasty! Of course, it would be perfect with a Hartke 4×10″ bottom.

  2. Summer price drops at alusonic, no comment http://www.alusonic.com/home.html


    Wow… Is the body really one piece, including the pickboard (except for the knobs and the neck, of course)?

  4. Davide

    My favorite aluminum basses (and guitars) luthiers are Noah’s, maybe not the cheapest ;) http://www.noahguitars.com/en/basso-slim-2.html

  5. You should anodise them in different colours (like iPods).

  6. $7,290!?


  7. $7,295 and the D string is not under the string tree?

    • I noticed that too, and looked through the comments to see if anyone else did. I doubt it’s the manufacturer’s fault. I’d blame whoever strung it for the photo.

  8. SneakyPete

    Hm, Normandy basses for $1500-$2000 on Amazon.

  9. DH Bennett

    Anyone else think that headstock is a little needlessly thin? I bet that body is pretty weighty, why not go with something more Fender like? I think I’ll deal with the real, thanks very much :)

  10. Darko

    I thought the reason why they didn’t build aluminum basses, or they remained unpopular is due to the temp expansion issues?

  11. Enrique

    Are there any intonation issues with that Al body? Those Al-necked guitars of the late ’70s
    and early ’80s were just awful because of their instability during temperature shifts.

    • Enrique

      Just had another thought: I used to play an Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexiglass bass.
      There were no instability/intonation issues. I wish I had bought that thing back in 1978; now those things are collector items and their cost is prohibitive! Why aren’t builders using plexi