Mike Frost Band: Come Together/Kashmir

Mike Frost sent in this awesome video of his band mixing two great classic rock songs with a funky attitude. Frost kicks off “Come Together” with a modified slap version of Paul McCartney’s iconic bass line before the band comes in.

The jam evolves into a wild bass solo that Frost then uses to segue to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.”

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  1. Artie bunka

    Austin powers on bass

  • Richard Verity

    Proud to have Had Mike as my teacher when he came to NY for lessons

  • Wish I was a sax : ) yeah baby !

  • Mike Desz

    That was killer Mike. I learned a lot in the short time I got to study with you. I’ve been coming down to S.C. My son moved to Charleston. I might have to make a trip over to see a show.

    • Thank you Mike, just let me know when you’re around.

      • Alton Rodgers

        Hey Frosty still giving your all to take Bass to a whole new level. Sure enjoyed the time spent studying with you. Smokin’

  • bvdon

    I like this version… nice playing!

  • OK I was always on the fence about 6 string bass…this blew my mind!! I loved it!! Thank you for sharing Mike Frost and No Treble, I love bass!

  • ok. i must admit when i saw the title i thought “not another version of this song.” but then i hit the play button. funky. seriously funky. in the pocket. the beatles have never sounded this funky. and that’s a nice, psychedelic funky take on kashmir. good stuff! what kind of bass is that? nice!

  • Gregg

    Who needs a lead guitar? Not the Mike Frost band!

    • Haha, Gregg having some fun and definitely blurring the lines between bass and guitar for a moment.. However I prefer staying on the Bass side. :)

  • Mike, It’s about time you posted something here. I’m sure you can post more here that will blow everyone away!

  • David

    Mike, what is your background/training/schooling/lessons, etc? Just curious. Sounds great! Thanks.